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Social Media is the collective of online communication channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, and social change. With technologies such as Facebook and YouTube, the world has increasingly become a closer place and FutureNow has taken advantage of these technologies.

FutureNow is dedicated to using the most up to date and relative social technologies to reach the young people around our globe with an inspirational message. Our team is actively communicating and reaching out to young people to bring about a positive social change.


Become a fan, view pictures, correspond with the team and like our up to date news feed at FutureNow's Facebook page.

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Watch life changing interviews, provoking dramas, and the FutureNow band play without even leaving your house.

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Join the FutureNow team as they travel around the United States, changing the lives of our young people for a better tomorrow.


Keep up with all the action and change the FutureNow team is bring about in our world with a look through the teams eyes.