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Samantha, like many young people, began to choose friends who did not hold her values. They began to influence her to make bad choices. The bad choices led to a strained relationship with her parents. One day she attended a day assembly at her school led by Chris Musgrove and the FutureNow team. Seeing the state of the art staging and lighting, she thought, “This is not going to be a regular assembly.” Samatha was blown away at this assembly. From the start, everything was different. “I was drawn to something,” she says. After high school, Samantha enrolled in Florida State University where she played the flute with the Marching Chiefs. In May of 2019, Samantha graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from FSU. She is considering returning to school for a graduate degree!

  • Exciting and energetic assemblies.

  • Positive messages through music and dramas.

  • Encouraging talk from Chris Musgrove.

  • Partners make FutureNow possible.

Samantha is just one of the many young people that partners like you have helped FutureNow impact!


We have several ways for you to be involved in Future Now. Giving financial contributions, hosting an event, or volunteering to serve, you can help engage with students and impact their lives and future!

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