LeAnne McCall – Principal
Lowndes High School – Valdosta, GA

“FutureNow provides a highly engaging, quality,
professional, and motivating presentation. The lighting,
music, and special effects were outstanding, and the
message they delivered was right on point for the high
school students. A truly uplifting experience for
everyone in attendance – educators and students alike!”



Robert Cooper – Principal
Lake City Middle School – Lake City, FL

“Last year FutureNow came to Lake City Middle School the week before our end of year testing. We are so grateful for them and the motivation they provided to our students. We went from a C to a B school.”

Rachel Kight – Teacher
Lowndes Middle School – Valdosta, GA

“I wanted each one of you to know how truly blessed we were to have you at Lowndes and that FutureNow is engaging, effective, and alive. It touched my students hearts today, and mine. Thank you.”



Rick Thomas – Principal
Newbern Middle School – Valdosta, GA

“The majority of our student have not had the opportunity to attend a live performance of this magnitude before.”

Key Points about FutureNow Events

Ensure there are no games or practices during load-in day and day of the assembly in the designated facility. Ensure there is no testing taking place, including SAT/PSAT for students who would otherwise attend the assembly. FutureNow will bring our own controllable lighting as well as a commercial generator to power all of our equipment.

Ensure access to the designated facility the day prior to the assembly for load in. Facility will be availble for setup by the determined date and time necessary for the scheduled event. Administrator will ensure all appropriate faculty members are aware of the assembly and FutureNow’s schedule. Discuss student transit times and buss schedules that might affect load-in/out access. Ensure a custodian or other staff member will be available to assist during load-in/out if necessary.

Some things to note for the venue used for the assembly. Whether or not floor coverings will be required, and who will provide them. If additional seating will be needed, who will provide chairs and how will they be arranged. For a more exciting event, we need to cover windows to help control ambient light as well as the ability to turn Security or Emergency Lights off for the assembly. Do basketball goals retract or if any obstructions to be aware of.

If you are interested in hosting a FutureNow assembly, please complete the form below and one of our staff will get in touch with you!


Find out more about Future Now and Frequently Asked Questions.

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